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Hairstyles for Curly Hair with Bangs

If you were blessed with curly hair, finding the right haircut for your hair type can be a real challenge. Yes, I said blessed! Curly hair is amazing, even if it’s sometimes a little difficult to manage. Ok, so some days it can seem downright impossible to get things under control!

Curly hair is not always embraced by those who are naturally born with it, but I think it is beautiful and should be treasured. Curly hair has something that other hair does not – volume, bounce, body and versatility.

But fear not, we have curated several hairstyles that will work perfectly with your hair type. Take a look below and check em out!

Shag Cut

The shag cut is a very popular hairstyle that first caught on the 1970’s, and it and the many variations have been in the mainstream ever since. This style works especially well with curly hair because of the messy and voluminous appearance that shag hair naturally portrays. Tip: For the layers of the shag cut, make sure to keep them on the longer side. Shorter layers will appear too frizzy and could be unmanageable. 

Bob Cut

The bob hairstlye is certainly not new – the bob hairstyle caught on the 1920s when a woman wearing a short hairstyle with curls ending at their ears was considered scandalous! Can you imagine? Embrace this classic look and take on the powers that be! Those with curly hair should opt for a longer bob, as a shorter hairstlye with curls may cause them to stick out from your head and look a little silly.

Long Cut

If you have loose curls and wavy hair, wearing your hair longer is often the popular look. People with naturally curly hair have more options with a longer length, such as wearing it to the side or a center part. Shorter bangs can be hard to control and often isn’t the most flattering look. So go for longer bangs with more control.

Graduated Layer Cut

Trying to cut shorter layers into your hair can create a problem, as the hair tends to poof out and look a little goofy. The way around this is to get graduated layers that will help it lay closer to your head and not stick out as much. With this style, a fringe bang that is parted on the side looks best in most scenarios. I would avoid a center part as it will look like you have drawn a line right down the center of your face.

Natural Cut

If you have extremely curly hair, it may be your best bet to go for a longer hairstyle. Longer hair is much easier to tame than shorter hair and will look great with curly hairs. If this look interests you, make sure to ask your stylist to cut your hair using only scissors. This creates a less frizzy look than if  your stylist was to use a razor.