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totalyouthandbeautyHi, and welcome to our site TotalYouthAndBeauty.com. Here we are obsessed with fighting aging and looking as beautiful and flawless as we can, as long as we can. Who says mother nature has to win every battle? Fight back with science and natural remedies and show her who’s boss!

Here we offer up expert beauty reviews on products all across the board, like eye creams, hair defrizzers, acne concealers, anti wrinkle creams, teeth whiteners, stuff like that! We aim to help you shuffle through the bad and help to expose the good in an attempt to get you looking your best!

One of the most popular products out right now is a retinal cream, which helps to smooth out wrinkles and reduce dark spots. These two simple actions can make a huge difference in the way your skin looks and how you feel around others. We also want to focus on weight loss products (HEALTHY weight loss products that won’t poison you from the inside just so you can lose a few pounds).

Some other popular products that we will be looking at are daily youth restoring serums and vitamin C serums, which can really make your skin shine. I also recommded a Dermaroller. A dermaroller is a simple device that you run along your skin and it causes small holes to form (the dermaroller is covered in small needles). It causes a very small amount of pain, but once the wounds heal your mind will be blown at how amazing your skin will look.

Other top products are exfoliants and teeth whitening systems, like Crests Teeth Whitening System. Exfoliants are made to remove dead skin cells and they are then replaced by new, healthy cells that will make your skin appear 10 years younger. Trust us, this stuff works! It’s simple science.

You will also want a good face wash and acne reducing cream, like an acne spot cream. This will really help to cut down on embarrassing skin marks. If you do get any acne, you want to make sure it doesn’t scar and leave bad dark spots. This is where sunscreen and preventive maintenance is crucial.


Remember that staying youthful and beautiful is a lifestyle, and a few products aren’t going to change your appearance over night. In addition to the many products we will be spotlighting, we have to emphasize how important it is to eat heathly and exercise. Trust us, it will work wonders for your beauty and your happiness!

I hope this site seems like it will really be helpful to you. We are currently under construction but make sure to bookmark us and check by frequently  because we are constantly updating with new reviews and products and improving our site. So definitely check us out and have a great time!!