How To Reduce Or Remove Wrinkles Around The Mouth

While they are the sign of a truly happy man or woman, wrinkles around the mouth can make many people self-concsious. There are many causes for these fine lines, including many lifestyle factors and just the unavoidable aging process. Just because they are inevitable does not mean you are forced to live with them though! Take a peek at our favorite wrinkle reducing products that will have your face baby smooth and looking years younger!

Types of Wrinkles Around The Mouth

There are three main types of wrinkles that commonly form around the mouth. They include:

Smile Lines (nasiolabial lines) – These are the lines that run from the bottom of your nose and extend to the corners of your mouth. They are caused by the loosening of ligaments around the mouth, which causes the skin to sag slightly. Smile lines are more noticeable in women than they are in men.

Marionette Lines – The vertical lines that form at the corners of your mouth are called marionette lines, which are commonly found in the classic marionettes. These lines can make you look depressed or mad, when you are actually feeling perfectly fine! The breakdown of collagen around the sides of the mouth causes these type of lines.

Vertical Lip Lines – These are also known as “smokers lines”, because the repititve action of smoking can make these lines appear much deeper. They are caused by repetitive mouth movements and as a result are unavoidable with age.

How To Treat Wrinkles Around Mouth

As they say, prevention is always the best treatment. If you are a smoker, it is super important that you kick the habit as soon as possible. The benefits will extend far beyond mouth wrinkles, and you will feel as well as look better.

Another prevention method is to learn to relax your face as often as possible. Dermatologists have noticed that those with the most wrinkles are often the most expressive. We aren’t saying don’t show emotions! Life would be a long and boring ride without them. You simply need to make sure you are relaxing your face when you aren’t emoting!

Once wrinkles have started to appear, your only option is to treat them. Wrinkles never really disappear on their own, but do not fret! There are a mulititide of treatment options out there to decrease the appearance of these pesky features.

Wrinkles Schminkles Mouth Kit

Who doesn’t immediately love this product based only on the name? Because I know I do.

Wrinkles Schminkles is a simple solution for improving the appearance of aging skin – plumping skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. This smoothing kit consists of two pads that are placed around the mouth and worn while you sleep. They contain medical grade silicon that fills in lines and smooths out patchy skin.

While you are wearing these pads, your skin cannot crease which prevents wrinkles from being worsened. Additionally, they encourage hydration and blood flow, like a moisturizer on steroids. Because of how extremely easy this product is to use, it quickly became one of my favorite products for mouth wrinkles.

Pevonia LipRenew Plump & De-Age Treatment

This is one of the most powerful All-In-One treatments that can work wonders to restore the lip area. It is specially formulated to volumize the lips, heal imperfections and deeply moisturizers the skin surrounding the lips.


This product is contains collagen and hyaluronic acid to hydrate skin, smooth out pesky wrinkles and plump up your lips for a youthful look.


The star ingredient in this formulation is the addition of Sesamum Indicum Seed Extract, which has been proven to plump the lips, micking the effects of lip fillers. With it’s natural lipo-filling action, it has been shown to increase lipid storage by an astonishing 30%!


LipRenew is also extremely easy to use: simply apply to the lip area every morning and before you go to bed. Massage well and get on with your day!

Pevonia Lip Renew Plump & De-Age Treatment

Price: $55.00

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Dermalogica Nightly Lip Treatment

During sleep, your skins natural defensives are lowered and can your skin can become very dry, increasing the chance for wrinkles to exacerbate. Dermalogica Nightly Lip treatment contains a host of powerful ingredients that protect and nourish your lips and the skin around them. 


This highly effective formula contains Indian Gentian Extract and Sesame Seed Extract, two ingredients that work together to visibly minimize and reduce the appearance of laugh lines and feather lines. Additionally, the Volmizing Technology plumps and smoothes the appearance of skin.


This product was voted Runner Up as the best skincare brand 2017 by voters on the popular website,

Dermalogica Nightly Lip Treatment – Advanced Formula

Price: $49.00

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There you have it, several products that can turn back time and restore your lips to their previous plumpness and smooth out the skin around the mouth. If you want something a little stronger than these products, check out the Nu Face Trinity for a powerful method to reduce wrinkles.